Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Neighbors can sue Colorado marijuana operation

Safe Streets Alliance v. Hickenlooper, 859 F.3d 865 (6/7/17) (Col.) (Published) - The 10th gives the go ahead for the land-owning neighbors of a marijuana-growing operation to sue the operation and its affiliates. But the 10th shuts down other attackers of Colorado's recreational marijuana law. The landowners' allegations establish a cause of action under RICO's citizen suit provisions. The marijuana growing operation and its affiliates that get the marijuana to consumers could be considered a conspiracy in violation of the federal Controlled Substances Act. And the neighbors alleged enough injuries due to the interference with their enjoyment of their property and the diminution of their property's value from being near those odors and near an ongoing criminal enterprise. The 10th cautions that this doesn't mean every private citizen, or even every citizen tangentially injured, can sue a marijuana-related enterprise under RICO. Nothing else serves a basis for relief for the neighbors, sheriffs, the Safe Streets Alliance or neighboring states. There is no right to sue based on the Supremacy Clause or the Controlled Substances Act. And the states are out of luck because the Supreme Court is the only place for litigation between states.