Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Useful case discussing minor role reduction, but ultimately nothing for the defendant

U.S. v. Moreno, 2017 WL 2651702 (6/20/17) (Kan.) (unpub'd) - An important discussion about minor role without helping Mr. Moreno any. The 10th notes that Amendment 794's changes to ยง 3B1.2 were intended to correct what the Sentencing Commission thought was sentencing courts' too sparing use of the minor role adjustment. The Commission, the 10th says, resolved a circuit split by deciding the focus should be on the defendant's role in the particular criminal activity, and not compare the defendant's role to the average participant in other similar crimes. The 10th refuses to apply the new amendment to Mr. Moreno's case, although the amendment came into effect while his appeal was pending. The 10th finds the change to be substantive, rather than clarifying [which would justify applying the change], at least in this circuit, because the change overruled the 10th's precedent. This determination conflicts with at least 4 circuits' rulings. The district court's role findings were "terse, but adequate." The record supported the rejection of Mr. Moreno's minor role request, even though he was a courier. His role was less than the "big boys," but more than the little fish. He conversed with the head guy, knew a lot about the operation and was allowed to carry significant drug quantities a long distance.