Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Supervised Release Condition of Six Months in Halfway House Affirmed

U.S. v. Woolsey, 2015 WL 1518073 (4/6/15) (Wyo.) (unpub'd) - The 10th says:"'in affirming, we pause to applaud the district judge's refusal to tolerate persistent manipulation, deceit, and criminal behavior." The 10th affirms a supervised release condition of six months in a halfway house. The 10th says such a condition does not rise to the level of a deprivation of fundamental liberty interests. So the district court didn't need as terrific a justification as it would in other circumstances, such as when familial associations are affected. The halfway house was a way to limit Mr. Woolsey's access to drugs and prevent him leaving the jurisdiction, as well as to provide him a place to live that he might not have had otherwise. The 10th concluded similar to the manner in which it began: "The sentence imposed amounted to nothing more than a condign ["much-deserved," I had to look it up] consequence for an established pattern of intransigent, oppositional behavior."