Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lewis v. Clark, 2014 WL 4197340 (8/26/14) (Wyo.) (unpub'd) - The prisoner sufficiently alleged a retaliation, First-Amendment violation where he filed a number of grievances and an officer, who could have known about the grievances, refused to let him use the law library, even though it was his turn to do so. The allegations that the officer was retaliating against Mr. Lewis for his grievance-filing "may be improbable, but not implausible," the 10th concludes.

Rantz v. Hartley, 2014 WL 4237335 (8/28/14) (Col.) (unpub'd) - Mr. Rantz's pro se motion in state court did not toll the running of the statute of limitations where the court refused to consider the motion because Mr. Rantz was represented by counsel at the time.