Friday, June 20, 2014

Unpublished Decisions

U.S. v. Donaldson, 2014 WL 2535402 (6/6/14) (Wyo.) (unpub'd)- Mr. Donaldson was not deprived of his right to a fair trial even though a juror on the first day of trial requested to speak to the court and asked the court: "If the defendant is guilty, has admitted guilt, what am I judging?" The district court told the juror the juror had to keep an open mind throughout the proceedings and the juror promised to do so. The juror remained on the jury. The court's procedure was enough to ensure a fair trial. It was also okay for a dismissed alternate juror to have lunch with the other jurors after they were sent to deliberate. After questioning the jurors, the court determined deliberations had not begun until after lunch.

Side note: the bank robbery resulted in a haul of $140,750, more than usual for a bank robbery. The robber threatened the bank manager that drug cartel members would kill the manager - worked like a charm.

Adams v. Berkebile, 2014 WL 2523396 (6/5/14) (Col.) (unpub'd) - The 10th denies Mr. Adams' request to be given 30 honey buns, two for each meal over a period of five days.